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Not just a brand, but a community where we live and breathe creativity

Moonflair AB was founded in June 2018 by Celina Rydén and her vision was to create a fun and welcoming community where people would embrace their own creativity and push outside their comfort zone. A safe space where you could be yourself and not hold back on your ideas - and so Moonflair was born.

About Celina Rydén

Celina's nail journey started in 2005 when she got her basic nail training. Right after "graduating nail school" she was offered to work at a salon just four minutes from her childhood home and stayed for 9 months. However, things didn't turn out the way she had hoped, too much negativity between the other nail techs so she left and decided that the salon life simply wasn’t for her. Instead she pursued a career to be a professional dancer and choreographer and only kept nails on the side, working from home.

It wasn’t until 2012 she got back to nails and started doing nails full time again. She gave the salon life a new chance but still found the enviroment to be quite competetive and not at all uplifting.

Pursuing a dream

In 2018 Celina finally opened her own nail studio in Stockholm where she could focus on education, marketing and building her own companies, Celina Rydén AB and Moonflair AB. With the first year of experiences as a nail tech in mind, Celina still felt like there was still something important missing in the nail industry - a camaraderie between nail techs, a willingness to share knowledge and an overall a supportive community.

When Celina started Moonflair, she wanted her new brand to be that piece of the puzzle that was missing. Moonflair wouldn’t be just an online store to get products, it would be a community where you could share your art and inspire each other.

Today Celina is one of the biggest nail influencers in the world with several titels under her belt and all of her social media plattforms are there to support you whether you're a professional nail tech or a hobby artist.

Celina chooses everything that goes into the Moonflair shop, making sure it’s up to standard. She designs the Moonflair original products herself and makes sure that Moonflair is an authorized distributor for the other brands that are offered in the shop. This is to make sure that when you shop at Moonflair you get be sure to get quality products, a supportive community and inspiration to find your own creative style.

”My entire life has been focused on creativity, everything from dancing, choreographing, singing, writing songs, painting, photography, filming to nails. It's what I breathe and live for! My wish is to help you feel the same excitement and joy from living a creative life. Being part of the Moonflair family means that you have colleagues all over the world - people who will share your art, lift you up and inspire you. I really hope that this community will assist and guide you to find your true artistic self.”

- Celina Rydén

What does Moonflair mean?

The name “Moonflair” is not just a cool word, it actually has meaning. The moon is a representation of creativity so that was a given for the brand name. The next part took a little bit longer to figure out. Celina wanted something that would represent “being yourself” and doing your own thing.

“Flair – a uniquely attractive quality / a skill or instinctive ability to appreciate or make good use of something, / defined as a natural talent, ability or sense of style.”

Moonflair – your own personal creativity

This is the core philosophy of Moonflair – encouraging people to be creative and not be afraid to show off their own ”flair” – their own style and personality.

Moonflair doesn’t only reach out to professional nail technicians, but also DYI’ers, makeup artists, scrapbookers and other creative hobbies and professions.

The Moonflair "WHY" is to inspire and spark the creative flame. Being a supportive and loving safe space where we focus on the enthusiasm and joy of being creative. To find your own personal creativity and be proud of it.

Be Creative – Be YOU!

The future

Moonflair is a proud Nordic distributor of the high-quality silicone practice hand brand "Red Iguana" and our goal is to keep a full stock of all shapes, sizes and colors. We also make sure to offer the widest arrange of tips that both works for our practice hands, but also as press-on nails and for displaying and practicing your nail art on.

Later this year "Moonflair Crystals" will launch, focusing on high-quality crystals available to everyone. Our crystals can be used for nail designs as well as for other DIY projects and makeup looks. Our vision is to build up the line during 2022 with a large variety of sizes, colors and shapes.

In 2022 we are planning to launch nail products like gels and acrylic.

The Moonflair HQ is located in Stockholm Sweden and orders that ship out to the EU countries are being handled here in Sweden. We also have a Canadian distributor, "Creata Beauty" who takes care of our dear customers overseas.

We are also looking to partner up with more distributors around Europe. Applications can be sent to

Later in 2021 and 2022 we will also launch special products designed by Celina Rydén herself.

Moonflair Monday Lives

Need some help to get your creative juices flowing? Every Monday, the "Moonflair Content Crew" invite you to a FB live at 8 pm (CEST - Swedish time) on the Moonflair Nails Facebook Page (CLICK). Learn new techniques, tips on how to use our products and chat with your Moonflair fam!

Moonflair Takeover Thursday

On Thursdays, we invite you to get to know our Content Crew girls even better! Get a sneak peak of their workspace, follow along during the day, watch them work with clients, get tips and tricks on techniques or storage solutions and much more! Check out our Instagram @moonflairnails

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