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Other accessories
More products to make your Red Iguana experience the best it can be!

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Moonflair is the authorized nordic distributor of Red Iguana Practice hands and their tools.
Complete your Red Iguana practice kit with these tools to make your Red Iguana experience even better.

The Red Iguana Primer is to prepare your silicone hand for a glued on tip. Follow the instructions carefully since this is only to be used on your Red Iguana Silicone product and kept away from human skin. Glue will not stick to the silicone without being primed first.

Have you damaged your Red Iguana Practice hand? Don’t worry, you can use the Sil-Poxy Adhesive to repair smaller cuts. See the red Iguana tutorials to get a step by step on how to use this magical quickfix.

Just like a regular hand the Red Iguana Practice hands can get heavy to hold up with your own non-dominant hand. Prop them up using the specially designed stand. This Stand comes as regular or long and works with fullhands, half hands and single fingers. The regular one is 0.5ft/16 cm long clamp holder with suction cup. The long one is 50cm (almost 2ft) double clamp holder, long enough for wide tables.It has Full metal clamps and goose neck. You can get them either in black or in white.

Red Iguana is the work of the amazing April Ryan and was started in russia as a nail salon. When April moved to the states the name came with her, a name she based on her beloved pet. Today, Red Iguana silicone hands are a must-have for any nail enthusiast. Each hand is handmade in the U.S.A and the tools are thoroughly made to fit these exact product. There are several tutorials made on how to use the Red Iguana tools properly and we strongly suggest you looking through them to get the most out of your products!

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Other accessories
More products to make your Red Iguana experience the best it can be!

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