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Full Cover Nail Tips
Here you will find all shapes of tips you'll want for your Red Iguana practice hand.

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At Moonflair you can find nail tips in all shapes and sizes!
Our quality nail tips fit perfectly with the Red Iguana Practice Hand. You can use them to practice your nailart and display together with the hand or on their own. They can also be used to make press on nails for your clients. Most of our tips are full cover tips but we also have some that can be used to extend clients nails with.
One bag of tips include 10 different sizes. You can choose if you want them in clear or natural. Clear is great if you want to make see through designs and natural is better if you want to show an opaque color.

All tips are selected by Celina herself. Celina wanted to find tips that were thick enough to have a strong hold but thin enough to make a smooth transition if you wanted them for press ons. It was important for her that the tips hade a natural apex curve so you can choose to only paint them without having to build up as much to get them to look natural. But they still have room to build if you want a built in design. They also have a nice C-curve to them so you don’t have to extend them yourself to get that perfect front view. You can of course extend them if you want, the shorter models are perfect for form extensions or you can use the longer ones and cut them before extending them.

The tips comes in: Oval, Almond, Square, ballerina and Stiletto and in different variations and lengths of the shapes
Let your creativity show without having to make a full set on a client, these tips are here give you a perfect shape so you can focus on the art!

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