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Welcome to our shop. Moonflair is the leading nail product store online in europe. We have everything you need to make amazing nailart and nail designs. Both for professional nail techs or part time nail artist. Great art starts with great products!

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Are you looking for great Nail products? Look no further, we have everything you need!

Everything to make amazing nailart and cool nail designs. We’ve collected the best nail art brands together with our own original Moonflair nail products so you can get the best of the best.

Celina Rydén is a world famous nail artist, educator and influencer that has always been an advocate for artistry. When you buy your nail products at Moonflair you can be sure that every single product is both tested and approved by Celina herself. Everything that is sold in our shop is put there by Celina.

Buy nail products that really work! Builder gels that stands the test of time. Gel colors you can use the sandwhich technique with. Gel polish with great pigments. Crystals that will take your breath away, great for both nailart and any crafting projects you may have.

Among our nail products you’ll find Celina Rydén Signature Nail Art Brush kit. As an ambassadeur and educator for Light Elegance Celina has had the opportunity to design and create her own brush kit that has won prices both in USA and Belgium. These brushes are perfect for paperthin lines and tiny nail art details. A must at every nail artists table!

You’ll also find the incredibly life like Red Iguana Practice hands. The CEO of Red Iguana, April, has personally chosen Moonflair to be an authorized distributor of her amazingly realistic silicon practice hands. The hands comes as separate fingers, half hands, full hands and full poseable hands. They also comes with stands that you can easily mount on your table. Red Iguana has a wide range of colors and both left and right hands depending on what you want.

And of course you’ll find Moonflairs nail tips that fit perfectly to both your Red Iguana Hand and your client. The nail tips comes in many different shapes and colors, depending on your project. The most popular is the long stiletto and long ballerina that is perfect for showing of your handpainted nailart. They have an amzingly smooth apex curve to them and are perfect for making custom made press on nails for your clients.


Take your creativity to the next level with our amazing nail products! Welcome to the Moonflair Family!

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