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Equipment for the salon, workstation and hobby creator
All our best gadgets that will help you to work safely, efficiently and comfortably.

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For you to make your creativitity soar you need the best workstation equipment. Wether you work professionally at a salon or from home. We’ve selected the best brands and products of professional equipment to make your workspace as ergonomically and efficient as possible.

Ergonomics is everything when you work by a table all day long. To prevent any damage to your body you need to position both yourself and your clients right while working.
Moonflairs own armrest is perfect to get your clients hands right and lift them up to a height where you don’t need to overstrain yourself. Not only is it comfortable for the customer, it also takes the weight off of you so you don’t have to lift their hands up and risk damaging your arms, shoulders and neck. For tricky nailart you can even turn the pillow so the clients rest their full arm on the length of the pillow. This will make them hold completely still so you can finish your masterpiece in peace.

Equipment also contains lightsources for your salon, workstation or home. Correct lighting is very important for you who work with small details. Not only for nail artist but for you who craft, crystalize, DIYs and so on. Make sure to have the perfect light that can illuminate your workspace so you don’t have to strain your eyes. At Moonflair we have chosen our favorites so you know it’s tested by professionals and as always is Celina Rydén Approved!

You also need the right nail art equipment and that’s why you’ll find Celina Rydén original brushes in this category. These are designed by Celina herself to let you make amazingly crisp lines and precise nailart.

We’ve also added som fun photo equipment and gadgets so you can make sure to get that perfect photo of your creation. You’ll find stands and holders for both your phone, tablet and of course the amazing hands from Red Iguana.

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Equipment for the salon, workstation and hobby creator
All our best gadgets that will help you to work safely, efficiently and comfortably.

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