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Red Iguana Silicone Practice Hands

A real celebrity in the nail market - The Red Iguana practice hands - the perfect customer! Here at Moonflair you will not only find hands in all shapes and colors, but also all accessories you may need. This is an investment you will not regret!

Read more about our Red Iguana Silicone Practice Hands

Moonflair is an authorized nordic distributor of the Amazing Red Iguana Practice Hands. Not only are we authorized, we are personally choosen by the creator of Red Iguana, April Ryan.
Celina and April meet several years ago during a competition and developed a friendship. This friendship lead to a partnership between their businesses, two nail artist giants that lift each other up and gives you the absolute best nail products you can imagine!

The Red Iguana Practice hand is handmade and actually a replica of April ryans own hands. It’s made with 100% silicone, is fully flexible and has amazing details. The Poseable hands has armature inside of it which allows you to fix fingers in desired positions.
The silicone practice hands come in different categories. A single finger, half hands, full hands non poseable and full hands poseable. You can chose if you want a left or right hand and between 6 different beautiful shades, Inessa, April, Liza, Lucy, Analuisa and Evelyn.
From Red iguana we also have stands for your hands, regular and long, so you can attach the practice hand to your table. We also have the Primer and Silicone adhesive.
Don’t forget the Moonflair nail tips! They fit perfectly in the practice hands are great for nailart. We several different shapes, sizes and colors so you can get that perfect look!

The Red Iguana Practice hands are a must have for you who want to make intricate nailart, this is your customers who will go for anything and can change design within the hour!

Red Iguana has also expanded their assortment for the foot care specialist! April Ryan has once again been the model and this time for the hyper realistic Red Iguana Silicone Foot. Perfect for the pedicurist.

Red iguana is perfect for educating purposes, no more stiff plastic fingers. This is how you take your nailart content to the next level!

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