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Your nail family online

Working with nails or having nails as a hobby can sometimes feel a bit lonely. Not everyone have nail colleagues to chat with and your friends can only listen so much about nail structure and different glitter sizes before losing interest.
If you are looking for your fellow nail nerd tribe - here we are! We love nails just as much as you do and we are here to support, inspire and help you live a much more creative life!
The Moonflair Content Crew consists of thirteen girls with ten different styles and personalities. You'll find them here on our webshop doing online classes and of course also on our social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.
On Mondays we gather up together for 30-60 minutes on our Facebook page for our "Moonflair Monday Lives". Here the girls are showing you different nail art techniques or show you new fun products and how to use them. If you need a boost of inspiration and hang out with the crew and Moonflair Family, this is the place to be!
On Thursdays you definitely want to check out our Instagram stories where the girls invite you into their own workspace. Our "Moonflair Thursday Takeovers" will include a day in the life of one of our crew girls with lots of different content during the day like tutorials, favourite products, storage inspo etc! The perfect way to get to know the Moonflair Family even more.
I chose these girls not only for their creative skills, but also because they are so down to earth, friendly and approachable. My wish is that you’ll be able to connect to one of more of the girls and build a creative relationship with them. They are all super eager to help, to connect, to inspire and share their experiences with you.
Make sure to follow them on their Instagram and why not send them a quick “hi” to start the conversation!
/ Celina Rydén
Moonflair Founder

Monette Nickisch

Age: 38
Work: Nail tech since 2017, Salon owner of Impressions by Monette
Nail Style: Incapsulated designs, bold colors and glitter, glitter and more glitter!
Fun fact: Eats bearnaise on everything, even pancakes!
Instagram: @impressionsbymonette

Alva Ritzén

Age: 24
Work: Nail tech since 2018, works at Jirene Studio
Nail Style: Colorful, vibrant colors & full on glitter
Fun facts: Top three movies are Venom, Venom & Venom!
Instagram: @nailsxritzen

Louise Beckman

Age: 22
Work: Nail tech since 2019, works part time from home
Nail Style: Extreme details, clean lines & touches of bling
Fun Fact: Does a lot of painting in my free time!
Instagram: @nailsbybeckman

Elina Andersson

Age: 27
Work: Nail tech since 2014, works at Fåfäng Sthlm
Nail Style: Nailart, sharp & trendy
Fun Fact: Think that a glass of champagne goes with every meal!
Instagram: @elinasnailart

Thesso Forsén

Age: 31
Work: Nail tech since 2017, works part time as a Nail Artist & is the Social Media Manager for Moonflair
Nail Style: Colorful designs, girl power and lots of glitter and crystals
Fun fact: Loves true crime, marvel & disney!
Instagram: @bythesso

Agnes Carlén

Age: 19
Work: Nail tech since 2020, work at Studio hos Agnes
Nail Style: Bold & trendy, handpainted Patterns, & playful
Fun fact: Have been riding for as long as I can remember!
Instagram: @hosagnes

Patricia Jonsson

Age: 30
Work: Nail tech since 2013, Owner of Nailyx
Nail Style: Glitter & crystals, colorful designs & handpainted
Fun Fact: Got a major sweet tooth and loves cooking shows!
Instagram: @nailyx

Elin Henderson

Age: 23
Work: Nail tech since 2018, work from home in my own salon
Nail Style: Colorful, great shapes & glitter
Fun Fact: Is a trained baker and pastry chef!
Instagram: @nailsbyhenderson

Michelle Gustafsson

Age: 25
Work: Is currently training to become a certified Nail tech in 2021
Nail Style: Playful, vivid colors & handpainted patterns
Fun Fact: Like to restore old furniture I find at yard sales!
Instagram: @lickynails

Liga Andersson

Age: 35
Work: Nail tech since 2017, Salon owner of Stiliga Naglar
Nail style: Abstract, color combos & handpainted
Fun fact: Loves princess Diana and monarchy documentaries
Instagram: @stiliga.naglar

Monika Jokubaityte

Age: 30
Work: Nail tech since 2015, co-owner of beauty salon “Beauty Boutique”
Nail Style: Precise, classy and fashionable
Fun fact: Antique shop enthusiast!
Instagram: @monika_jok

Nathalie Hammar

Age: 38
Work: Nail tech since 2017, Salon owner of Salong 75
Nail style: Chrome-tastic, personal designs and a touch of matte
Fun fact: Thinks there is no such thing as too many tattoos!
Instagram: @naglarbynattis

Erica Mattsvåg

Age: 31
Work: Nail tech since 2013, salon owner of Salong Polish Perfect
Nail style: Classy & crazy, stiletto love & lot's of bling
Fun fact: One of the first 3 people to be a Celina Rydén Certified Nail artist!
Instagram: @erica.mattsvag
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